Rod and Linda


Before Greater Expectations moved to the Independent Living Resource Center, we were located within Autism Avenue Gift Shoppe, which served as a learning platform for real-world employment. We’re so grateful for the years our program spent there. So many memories and kind comments from amazing participants and parents alike!


Rod and Linda

When Steven began coming to Autism Avenue it literally gave him hope and such joy! The two friends that he had that would come and get him and take him to do things were in college and just not really available anymore. He was extremely lonely. A man at church whose grandson had been coming […]

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Gregory is showing a level of responsibility that is truly amazing. The program has given him tools to track his own schedule. He also has improved his hygiene by brushing his own teeth consistently for the first time in 19 years!!!!! We can’t thank Greater Expectations and Audrey and Andi enough.

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Since my daughter has started going to the Connection’s Club at Autism Avenue, I have seen that she is more willing to talk to people without being “scared”. She also has worked the counter a few times (I was honestly shocked that she did as well as she did). Lexi has also opened up and […]

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As I’ve told you previously, Autism Avenue has been a blessing for my son. His personal hygiene has improved greatly. He has ten times the self-confidence. He’s learned to accept helpful criticism from others. He recently obtained his first part-time job. Just last night, when he got home from work and was telling me about […]

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This program has been a godsend for my son James. Prior to this, he would not leave his room for months at a time. Now he occasionally goes out on the weekends and is making friends. The change in him has been amazing.

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I want to say thank you to Andi and Audrey. For the first time in my life it’s been significantly demystified for me why I have so much trouble getting through a job interview. When Audrey and Andi explained to me about monotone voices and people’s perspective while using a dance metaphor I honestly felt […]

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Riley B.

My Time at Autism Avenue and Greater Expectations During my time in the Greater Expectations program, I learned many things about perspective, others perspective, and how to tell between the story in my head and reality.  But what I learned about myself is I have a hard time with understanding other people’s perspective but I […]

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Jacob C.

In the Greater Expectations program, I learned several organization skills. I learned several methods on how to survive in college. I learned how to use checklists, schedules, how to better read some social cues and how to run a cash register. I use these tools in college to help me navigate my day. The most […]

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Matthew A.

I gained better communication skills and the experience to convey my message more effectively than before I started the program. I learned better organization and reasoning skills that have benefited my career and home life. The most challenging part was adjusting to a different style of work than I was used to. It is somewhat […]

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