A Quote from Navarro

“The Greater Expectations Program has definitely changed my life. I have become more independent. I have developed healthier relationships, especially at work. The program has made me grow in my confidence.”


Recognize this website? Autism Avenue, the shop where we previously held our program classes, is now Greater Expectations! Come visit us at our new location within the Independent Living Resource Center.

Greater Expectations

The Difference

We promote inclusive, not sheltered employment.

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How It Works

Requirements for care givers.

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Program Levels

4 Levels & pricing for our program.

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Download the application and snapshot forms.

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How We're Different

After more than 20 years in the field and working with individuals with learning differences, we have designed a program that targets the core issues that keep individuals from connecting with others and preventing them from establishing quality of life.

These challenges are directly related to impaired social thinking abilities. In turn, this also affects higher executive functioning skills and together hinders confidence and success. Therefore, our program layout encompasses four core areas that are helping our individuals succeed.

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Connections Club

Our Connections Club provides an applicable experience in a structured work setting which in turn facilitates meaningful connections and an improved quality of life. Our club provides a foundation of support specific to four areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication/Advocacy
  • Life Skills

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