Matthew A.

Matthew A.

I gained better communication skills and the experience to convey my message more effectively than before I started the program. I learned better organization and reasoning skills that have benefited my career and home life. The most challenging part was adjusting to a different style of work than I was used to. It is somewhat of a big jump from part time kennel assistant to
flower shop employee. Working with other people who have the same issues I have faced in my life. It is where I meet Jacob Hampton who I call a friend.

This program allowed me to attain a full time job that I enjoy and allows me to support myself. Before my current job, I was a part-time kennel assistant and a part time courtesy clerk at Dillons. I had graduated Magna Cum Ladue from Friend University, but due to certain aspects about myself I could not find a suitable job. It was through greater expectations that I was
offered a job at the Maintenance Supply Company at a position I had no experience at. They gave me a trial period to see how I would do, but after a month and a half they were so impressed that they decided to fully hire me.

This program gives an opportunity to those who wish to improve their life and become more self-sufficient. It may be difficult to change from a comfortable or set routine, but the rewards for opening your minds to new ideas are worth it.

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