Jacob C.

Jacob C.

In the Greater Expectations program, I learned several organization skills. I learned several methods on how to survive in college. I learned
how to use checklists, schedules, how to better read some social cues and how to run a cash register. I use these tools in college to help me
navigate my day. The most challenging part was changing the way I do homework and how I organize. My favorite part was working with the
program leaders Audrey, Andi, and at the time, Connie. They are all very good women and are excellent mentors. Since my completion of
the program, I have become more self-aware. I am more able to see things for what they are and take in possibilities for how the future may
occur. This program is very good for people with no work experience or social issues. They help you raise your confidence and awareness in
both areas, and help you find your inner value and strengths.

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