What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

We promote and facilitate inclusive employment, not sheltered employment. Unlike sheltered employment that provides opportunities exclusively for individuals with disabilities. Our program provides curriculum, training, and confidence. This allows our clients the opportunity to explore greater employment opportunities within their community.

  • Create professional profiles (individuals and staff)
    • Highlights the qualifications that individuals can offer a potential employer upon completing the program.
  • Create portfolios (individuals and staff)
    • Compilation of individualized support which may include:
      • Work Systems
      • Visual Support
      • Organizational Systems
      • Data and Job Performance Rating Scales
  • Our Teaching Style:
    • Rather than teach one job skill that is specific to one job being completed; we are teaching the process of working which can be applied to multiple jobs across various settings.
    • Generalizing the skill set to increase the opportunity to work at various jobs rather than one task or job.
  • Collaboration With the Community
    • Working with other businesses and organizations allows us to expand opportunities for individuals seeking employment upon completion of our program. In addition, we provide businesses with information that allows them to better understand autism, as well as other developmental disabilities.  We also share structure and supports that can be used to enhance any workplace setting.